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Steel Works

Six Direction has a qulaifed team of welders and steel workers to customize any steel wroks. we fabricate doors, windows, hangers, pipe racks shelters etc.

We also can customize your products based on your requirements and needs. 

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Aluminium Works 

Six Direction offers a full range of aluminum finished products to construction industry including but not limited to windows, doors, door frames with sidelites, borrowed tiles. 

Our products are cut to size by our machine shop where quality control and precision machining ensure the tight tolerances required by today’s builders are met

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Piping Works 

Six Direction provides HDPE pipeline installation and maintenance services for different applications. We have a highly experienced team and of engineers including technical staff, project managers, qualified engineers, quantity surveyors, and certified welders. 



The Six Direction has diverse interests and capabilities with over 35 years of hands-on experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries including mega projects.

The Six Directions Trading represents world leading quality brands of products and services that include; Valves, pumps, pipes & fittings, flanges, tubes, etc.. We provide our customers with a reliable link for quality products and services, including possible future in-Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) stocking and manufacturing, thus  improving supply lead time and in-house services.


We Understand That Sorting and Supplying Supplies for Your Project Can Be Daunting, That is Why Our Team Work Hard To Deliver Valuable Service and Offers to Satisfy Your Projects' Needs. No Matter How Big Your Project Or Bidding Contract Is, We At Six Directions Trading Are Committed To Your Success. 



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Six Directions Trading supply all types of fittings for HDPE pipe, including butt fusion fittings, electrofusion fittings, socket fusion fittings, saddle fusion fi ttings, valves and transitions.

• Elbows                   • Couplings

• Flex restraints        • End caps                      • Reducers                • Saddle tees                  • Branch saddles       •Tapping saddles

• MJ adapters

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Six Directions Trading represents a leading  well known quality brands for  tools and machinery

• Pipe Tools                 • Hand Tools 

• Power Tools              • Testing Instruments    • Safety                        • Inspection Tools             

Tools& Machinery  

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Corrosion Solutions

Six Directions Trading is the official representative of ALFA Pipeline Products LLC  is a leading manufacturer of high pressure isolation joints and pipeline equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

• Isolation Joints         • Spectacle Blinds 

• Anchor Flanges        • Swivel Ring Flanges  

• Pig Launcher Receiver Instruments                         




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